AngularJS and NodeJS devs wanted!

AngularJS and NodeJS devs wanted!

What is eDocu?

eDocu is information system for every physical object. Internet-of-Everything is what they call us. If you have your Facebook page, why can’t your car have one, or your fridge, park bench, tree, AC unit, factory robot or your dog? Its 21st century, every single thing deserves to have an LCD display and as a matter of fact, you have one LCD display in your pocket 😉

Yep, with eDocu you use your smartphone to access and record stories of things important to you and your work. This is extremely useful in industries like facility management, factories, asset management, construction, hospitals and everywhere you need your information right on the spot. You save tons of time and trouble if you have all your documentation on the spot. This and much more is what eDocu solves.

We are making previously passive things active!

Why are we looking for devs?

Well, to be honest, we are doing pretty good. We have been rocking for 4 years now and managed to gain pretty strong investor few years back. Now we are adding more and more clients from all around the place. And although our boys are pretty swift, our clients and the reality is winning the fight so far 😀 We need mooar man powah!

What technologies are we using?

Not ancient 😀 When we started with eDocu some of them were considered pretty new, but now they are part of most new scalable systems.

  • The whole microservice architecture runs in Docker environment orchestrated by Kubernetes with Buddy taking care of the deployment process.
  • As for DBs we are using MongoDB for content, Neo4j for relations and Redis for caching.
  • When it comes to search engine we decided to go with Elasticsearch.
  • As for languages our backend speaks Clojure, NodeJS and some antient PHP, our frontend on the other hand is full AngularJS with some LESS for styling.
  • As for us, we use Slack for sending cat images and Jira for task management.




It is always nice if you have some experience with the stuff that we use, but it is not a must.

eDocu team

There is currently 16+ of us and now we need to grow by another 10 people to be able to cope with all the incoming business 😉 We are pretty nice people, we have families, children, dogs, hobbies and everything just like normal people have.

We are no elitists, we are not competing with each other, we like to cooperate and be friends. If you need any help, you will always find it in our team 🙂

We like to do sports.

We like to go out with our families and animals just to talk about lives.

Our company culture

You could call our company structure as flat. We don’t have any management structure and we don’t plan to have one soon. We are all responsible for our tasks and towards everyone else. Nobody will dictate you what to do and what not. We like to say:

With a certain amount of freedom, there is an equal amount of responsibility.

Home or remote office is not an issue with us. It is a matter of agreement. As a matter of fact, anything can be discussed in our team. There is no tabu topic as far as work is concerned. We work hard, and we just want the same thing of you.

What are we expecting from you?

  • We expect you to teach us some cool stuff and help us steer our boat into new waters 🙂
  • We would love you to be our friend both in good times and the bad.
  • We assume you to know your AngularJS or NodeJS pretty good (we will test it) and never stop learning. We are looking for both backend and frontend devs.
  • If you are not Angular/Node mage, but still want to go for it, cos you are rocking React, or just JS. You are still very welcome 😉
  • We expect you to have your own opinions and ideas.
  • We need your English to be conversational. You don’t have to be a native speaker though. Funny accents appreciated!
  • We expect you to work just as hard as we do.
  • We expect you to bring cake occasionally 🙂

Why would you do that?

First of all, we are offering you a job. On top of that, we throw in a really nice bunch of colleagues around you in a place where you can show your full potential and nobody will ever stop you from progressing. Place where you will be valued as equal, where you can contribute to our success and see the impact of your work.

Money? We can always find a way for both of us to be fine, not having to think about money, just focus on the progress 😉

Oh, and we have sweet office place!